Zodio Loyalty program

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The Zôdio Loyalty program is part integrant of Inhabitant Platform ecosystem.

The Loyalty program will capture tons of events coming from the whole Inhabitant Platform and the stores, fablabs and will create a unique experience of gamefication.

The data captured contains the following structure:

       actor: Rodrigo Spillere
       verb: Created
       obj: Recipe Post
       location: community app
       timestamp: 04-05-2017 12:00:00

       actor: Rodrigo Spillere
       verb: Visited
       obj: Zôdio Store
       location: Sao Paulo
       timestamp: 04-05-2017 18:00:00

These data will feed the Loyalty platform and will be possible to generate points. The points will be used to earn badges and redeen discount vouchers, free hours to use in fablab, etc..